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MITSUBISHI FX2N-232-BD User's Manual PDF

Product model: FX2N-232-BD
Name: Communication Module
Sort: User's Manual
File language: English
File size: 1.83MB
MITSUBISHI inverter FR-E740 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 400V.
Frequency converter capacity: 1.5KW.
Allow short-time overload (200% 3S).
The machine itself does not need to purchase another operating panel FX2N-232-BD PDF.
Provide USB interface to connect with the computer, you can use the FRConfigurator software to set the parameters of the inverter or monitor.
Inverter surface with PU interface, FR-E500 operating panel can be directly connected to the E700 series FX2N-232-BD The installation dimensions are in full agreement with FR-E500.
Allow side by side installation, saving installation space
Simple maintenance: equipped with comb type wiring board, wiring more convenient, the replacement of the same series inverter, no stitches, as long as the original inverter control terminal FX2N-232-BD PDF. Use: can chooose any 3 signal relay output from the converter standard output signal FX2N-232-BD Manual.
Applicable frequency converter: FR-A700, FR-F700, FR-E700 FX2N-232-BD PDF. Power: 7.5kw.
Voltage: 400V.
The surge voltage of the motor can be suppressed when the 400V motor is driven by a frequency converter.
Motor suitable for 5.5 to 37kW. Input and output points: 40 points.
Power supply: DC24V.
Input points: 24 points.
Output points: 16 points.
Output form: transistor output (source) MITSUBISHI User's Manual.
Power consumption: 25W.
Weight: 0.7KG.
Outline dimension: 130x90x86mm.
A free combination of PLC.
FX3G basic unit: 14/24/40/60 point.
FX3GA is a compact PLC, simple design and with the basic functions of the FX3 series.
Through the strengthening of the built-in function and flexible expansion, expanded in various fields of application MITSUBISHI User's Manual.
Third generation standard model.
High flexibility.
Suitable for small scale control of high cost.
Control points to 128 points, the use of CC-Link remote I/O can control the maximum 256 points.
High speed operation.
Basic instructions: 0 MITSUBISHI User's Manual. 21 s/ instruction FX2N-232-BD User's Manual.
Application instruction: 0.5 s/ instruction.
Large capacity memory.
Built in program memory 32000 steps.
EEPROM memory cartridge with program transfer function.
Third generation standard model.
Easy to use integraated models and flexible scalability FX2N-232-BD Manual.
Condensed convenience of using the usual FX3 series.
Its high price by the most suitable for small scale control.
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