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MITSUBISHI L26CPU-BT-CM Programming Manual (Application Functions) PDF

Product model: L26CPU-BT-CM
Name: PLC
Sort: Programming Manual (Application Functions)
File language: English
File size: 5.25MB
"Universal output function: source type.
Program capacity: 20K step.
Basic operations processing speed: 40ns.
Communication interface: USB/Ethernet.
Control mode: stored procedure repeated operation L26CPU-BT-CM PDF.
Input / output points: 1024 points.
End cap.
CPU built-in functions can be easily set through programming tools.
The built-in I/O function settings can be easily carried out through the parameters of the programming tool L26CPU-BT-CM
5 s units can be used for high precision workpiece measurement in pulse measurement mode,
Can be used with a minimum of 5 s units of the input signal of the ON/OFF time (the shortest 200 s) for high precision measurement L26CPU-BT-CM PDF.
For example, after measuring the ON time of the sensor input,
The "moving speed" and "length" of the workpiece can be accurately calculated ".
High precision PWM control of the highest 200kHz.
In the PWM output mode, by setting the ON time and cycle time,
The duty cycle can be changed, and the minimum cycle time is 5 s L26CPU-BT-CM PDF L26CPU-BT-CM Manual .
In addition to lighting dimming control, simple motor control and heater control,
Can also be used to require high resolution detection equipment, such as a wide range of oscillators. "Control axis: maximum 4 axes.
Operation cycle: 0 MITSUBISHI Programming Manual. 88ms.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), 2 axis arc interpolation.
Color signal: 4 points.
Color detecting set: 4 set.
Only need to use the PLC program can easily achieve synchronous control, cam control, speed and torque (push pressure control) and other advanced motion control MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Equipped with standard synchronous encoder and color detection function necessary function.
Can be no procedures for setting. Strong support for MELSOFT.
Can fully apply LD77MH of the old program.
Let motion control more simple. Cable length: 3.0m.
Weight: 0.45kg.
Definition 1: conductor by one or a plurality of mutually insulated and insulating protective layer made of,
A conductor of electricity or information from one plaace to another MITSUBISHI Programming Manual L26CPU-BT-CM Programming Manual.
Definition 2: usually by a few or several groups (each with at least two wires) cable rope twisted the similar,
Each group of wires are insulated from each other, and are often twissted around a center,
The entire outer bread has a highly insulated cover L26CPU-BT-CM Manual .
The cable has the characteristics of internal power and external insulation.
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