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MITSUBISHI Q00CPU Programming Manual (SFC) PDF

Product model: Q00CPU
Name: CPU
Sort: Programming Manual (SFC)
File language: English
File size: 2.11MB
8 slots.
Requires 1 power modules.
Used to install large Q series modules.
Reduce system downtime recovery time.
With a simple operation, you can back up all the data in the CPU to the memory card Q00CPU PDF.
Through regular backup, can be the latest parameters, procedures, etc. to save the storage card.
In the event of a CPU failure, after the replacement of CPU, can be a simple operation,
Restore the system by using the data storage card in advance Q00CPU
Therefore, it is not necessary to spend time to manage the backup data, but also can shorten the recovery time of the system shutdown.
Wider application range, more advanced Q00CPU PDF.
Leading in the era of the Q series CPU products.
Q series CPU products a wide range of applications,
Provide programmable controller, process, redundancy, C language, movement, manipulator, CNC all kinds of CPU,
In order to meet the needs of various control.
Through the multi CPU configuration, can be based on the use of the scale, purpose,
Construction of the best system to meet the requirements of all kinds of control Q00CPU PDF.
In addition, the high reliability system can be constructed by the redundant system,
Even if a fault occurs, the system can continue to run.Input: 22 channels Q00CPU Manual.
50kpps MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
Counter input signal: DC5/12/24V.
External input: DC5/12/24V.
Uniform output: Transistor (drain type).
Used to replace the A series of large modules "AD61".
40 pin connector.
Support high resolution devices. Pulse input and high speed counter module product group satisfying high speed and high precision control application MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
High speed counter module for counting high-speed pulse train.
Can be used in combination with the external encoder for positioning and other control.
The maximum count rate can be switched, and the low frequency pulse is counted from the high speed pulse to the rising edge / falling edge MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
Each 1 channel is equipped with 2 points of external uniform output.
Can be selected according to the use of "consistent output function", "continuous comparison function", to achieve high-speed control of external equipment. (QD64D2)
Provides a variety of functions, such as the same output test function (using a continuous comparison function), the default function, the latch counnter function,
In order to meet the needs of various applications Q00CPU Programming Manual . (QD64D2)
The maximum count rate of the input pulse can be up to 8Mpps (differential input, 2 phase, 4 double frequency).
Can be in the semiconductor, liquid crystal mannufacturing and other high position accuracy requirements of the equipment,
Perform accurate position tracking using high resolution encoders Q00CPU Manual. (QD65PD2)
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