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MITSUBISHI Q01CPU Programming Manual (Common Instructions 1/2) PDF

Product model: Q01CPU
Name: CPU
Sort: Programming Manual (Common Instructions 1/2)
File language: English
File size: 56.79MB
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Program capacity: 130 K step.
Processing speed: 0.0095 s.
Program memory capacity: 520 KB Q01CPU PDF.
Support USB and network.
Support installed memory card.
Providing high speed communication between multiple CPU.
Shorten the fixed scan interrupt time, high precision device.
The minimum interval of the fixed period interrupt program is reduced to 100 s Q01CPU
The high speed signal can be accurately obtained, which makes the contribution to the higher precision of the device.
High speed and high precision machine control by multi CPU Q01CPU PDF.
By parallel processing of the linear and multi CPU high-speed communication (cycle 0.88ms) of the parallel control program, the high speed control.
Multi CPU high speed communication cycle and motion control synchronization, so it can achieve the maximization of computing efficiency.
In addition, the latest movement control CPU in performance is 2 timess the previous model,
To ensure high speed and high accuracy of the machine control Q01CPU PDF Q01CPU Manual. Input: 4 channels.
Platinum resistance (Pt100; JPt100).
No heater disconnection detection function.
Sampling period: 0.5s/4 channel.
18 point terminal station.
Peak current suppression MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
Can prevent the simultaneous opening of the output to control the peak current, which is helpful for saving energy and reducing the operation cost.
Heating function at the same time.
The multiple loop can reach the set value at the same time to carry out the uniform temperature control,
Helps to prevent no-load and effective energy saving and reduce operating costs MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
Automatic adjustment function.
The PID constant can be adjusted automatically in the control process.
Automatic adjustment of cost (time, material and electrical energy) can be reduced.
Can be flexible in various settings, to achieve the best temperature control of the temperature control module MITSUBISHI Programming Manual .
Equipment for high temperature control stability of extrusion molding maachine,
The temperature regulating module has the function of preventing overheating and preventing over cooling Q01CPU Programming Manual .
According to the control object device, select the standard control (heating or cooling) or the heating and cooling contrrol (heating and cooling) mode Q01CPU Manual.
In addition, the mixed control mode (combined with the standard control and heating - cooling control) can be selected.
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