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MITSUBISHI Q06CCPU-V-H01 Programming Manual (Application Functions) PDF

Product model: Q06CCPU-V-H01
Name: PLC
Sort: Programming Manual (Application Functions)
File language: English
File size: 5.25MB
High speed data communication module.
Real time transmission control data, to improve the production efficiency and the value of the equipment to provide support for the high-speed data communication module Q06CCPU-V-H01 PDF.
The high accuracy data that can be synchronized with the sequential scanning to the user program on the PC can be transmitted through the Ethernet.
Realize the previous communication method can not achieve the detailed control of data transmission,
Real time data analysis using user applications,
In order to provide support for improving production efficiency and equipment value Q06CCPU-V-H01 PDF Q06CCPU-V-H01 ABS serial synchronous encoder input can be used: 2 sets of modules / units.
Position detection method: compiled on value (ABS) method.
Transmission mode: serial communication.
Allows you to track target input points: 2.
Automatically transfer the record file to the FTP server
Simply by recording the configuration tool to carry out a simple setup,
A data record file stored on the SD memory card can be sent to the FTP server Q06CCPU-V-H01 PDF.
Because the record server can handle multiple files, it can reduce the task of management and maintenance.
When a failure occurs, it can quickly respond to MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Simply extract the data associated with the problem, do not have to spend a lot of time to filter a large number of diagnostic data,
Soo it can quickly determine the cause of the failure, and make the solution Q06CCPU-V-H01 Manual. Input voltage range: DC24V.
Output voltage: DC5V.
Output power: 8.5A.
Simplified program debugging
Can use the software with the implementation of the conditions of the test function, any step in the program,
Changes the value of the soft component to a user specified value MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
In the past, when debugging the specific loop process, the need to add a set of soft components of the program,
At present, through the use of the function, no need to change the program, you can make a specific loop program segment execution action MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Therefore, do not need to change the program separately in order to debug, debugging operation is more simple.
Auto backup key data
Save the program and parameter files automatically to the program memory (ROM Flash) without using the backup battery,
To prevent the loss of the program and the parameters due to forgetting to replace the battery.
In addition, the soft component data and other important data can be backed up to the standard ROM,
In order to aavoid during the long holiday and other planned downtime,
The data is lost due to battery depletion Q06CCPU-V-H01 Programming Manual.
The next time the power is turned on, the backup data will be automatically restored.
Through the expansion of soft components,, more convenient to create the program Q06CCPU-V-H01 Manual.
M soft components and B soft components can be expanded to 60K points, making the program easier to understand.
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