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MITSUBISHI Q12DCCPU-V Strctured Programming Manual (Fundamentals) PDF

Product model: Q12DCCPU-V
Name: CPU
Sort: Strctured Programming Manual (Fundamentals)
File language: English
File size: 1.73MB
BASIC program execution module.
2 channel.
Ultra high speed processing, production time is shortened, better performance.
As applications become larger and more complex, it is necessary to shorten the system operation cycle time Q12DCCPU-V PDF.
The operation period can be shortened by the super high basic operation speed 1.9ns.
In addition to achieve in the past with the control of single-chip high-speed control,
The system performance can be improved by reducing the total scan time,
To prevent any possible performance bias Q12DCCPU-V
The position signal of the first axis servo amplifier, which is used on the motion CPU, is used as a trigger,
Starting from the programmable controller CPU to the second axis servo amplifier,
Time to output speed command of servo amplifier Q12DCCPU-V PDF.
This time is the index of data transmission speed between CPU.High speed data communication module.
Real time transmission control data, to improve the production efficiency and the value of the equipment to provide support for the high-speed data communication module Q12DCCPU-V PDF.
The high accuracy data that can be synchronized with the sequential scanning to the user program on the PC can be transmitted through the Ethernet.
Realize the previous communication method can not achieve the detailed control of data transmission,
Real time data analysis using user applications,
In order to provide support for improving production efficiency and equipment value MITSUBISHI Sttrctured Programming Manual Q12DCCPU-V Manual. Control axis: up to 32 axes.
Servo amplifier connection mode: SSCNET III /H (2 system) MITSUBISHI Strctured Programming Manual.
Can be carried out with a high degree of control, free correspondence.
Large scale and medium scale system.
Maximum number of control axis: 32 axis (Q173DSCPU), 16 axis (Q172DSCPU).
Programmable controller CPU and C language controller can be selected according to the purpose MITSUBISHI Strctured Programming Manual.
By using 3 sets of Q173DSCPU, 96 axes can be controlled.
Support security monitoring function, visual system."1 axes, SSCNET III type.
Control unit: mm, inch, degree, pulse.
Location data: 600 data / axis.
40 pin connector.
Through the SSCNET III cable connection to save wiring, the distance between the station up to 50m.
Absolute position system for determining the origin position is supported by the return data set operation.
In addition, the limit switch of the upper limit, the lower limit switch and the near point block signal input can be directly connected to the servo amplifier,
Thus greatly reducing the wiring requirements.
Easyy to achieve high speed, high precision positioning control Q12DCCPU-V Strctured Programming Manual.
Support for multiple types of positioning control,
Including 2 ~ 4 axis 2 axis linear interpolation, circular interpolation, speed control and speed / position control, ppath switching control, constant speed control etc Q12DCCPU-V Manual. .
In addition, can use the "Configurator-QP GX" and other software,
Easy to set, monitor and debug. "
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