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MITSUBISHI Q172DSCPU Reference Manual (Communication Protocal) PDF

Product model: Q172DSCPU
Name: PLC
Sort: Reference Manual (Communication Protocal)
File language: English
File size: 7.14MB
8 axes, open collector output type.
Control unit: pulse.
Location data: 10 data / axis.
Maximum pulse output: 200Kpps.
40 pin connector.
Ideal solution for simple multi axis positioning Q172DSCPU PDF.
Perfect match with stepper motor control.
Plus deceleration smooth, speed change subtle.
To speed up the speed of positioning control to start processing.
Positioning module.
Open collector output.
Differential driver output Q172DSCPU
Based on the use of open collector outputs and differential drive output type 2 types.
Differential driver output type positioning module can transmit high speed instruction pulse (up to 4Mpps) to the servo amplifier reliably,
Transmission distance of up to 10 meters, to achieve high speed and high precision control Q172DSCPU PDF.
(the command pulse of the open collector positioning module is highest 200kpps.)
Reduce system downtime recovery time.
With a simple operation, you can back up all the data in the CPU to the memory card Q172DSCPU PDF.
Through regular backup, can be the latest parameters, procedures, etc. to save the storage card.
In the event of a CPU failure, after the replacement of CPU, can be a simple operation,
Restore the system by using the data storage card in advance.
Therefore, it is not necessary to spend time to manage the backup data, but also can shorten the recovery time of the system shutdown MITSUBISHI Reference Manual. Express PCI bus.
Support Japanese, English OS.
Multimode fiber optic cable.
Dual loop controller network (control station / common station).
Province distribution network module in cabinet and device MITSUBISHI Reference Manual.
Link to connect the 64 stations when the fastest scanning time for 1.2ms (rate 2.5Mbps).
According to the transmission distance, the transmission rate is seleected from 2 Q172DSCPU Manual. 5Mbps, 625kbps and 156kbps.
CC-Link/LT from the station does not need any parameter settings.
Only need to set up the transmission speed in the master module, you can use the remote I/O MITSUBISHI Reference Manual.
I/O control in the first class of open field network module.
CC-Link based on reliable field bus technology,
Able to transmit large number of bits data (such as ON/OFF information) and word data (such as analog information).
Consistency of CC-Link to maintain loop transmission,
And the cycle of transmission and information (instantaneous transmission) communication separately, so as to ensure the timeliness of.
Even if the information reaches saturation, it will not affect the link scan time.
Make the mixed data environment intelligent, to achieve a new manufacturing system IE CC-Link field network module.
Using Ethernet cables and connectors available on the market to reduce costs.
High speed communication capable of communicating with 1Gbps.
Improve the communication response, significantly shorten the cycle time.
Improve the performance of cycle data update. Reduces the transsmission delay time and the application of the synchronization waiting time Q172DSCPU Reference Manual.
Data can be read or written to other station programmable controller.
Status of IE CC-Link field network can be confirmed by Works2 GX.
Can be in the Workss2 GX up and down the abnormal position, the cause of the exception, the event record,
So it can reduce the time of abnormal to resume normal operation Q172DSCPU Manual.
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