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Product model: Q01CPU
Name: Basic type CPU
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 20.52MB
"Maximum control axis: 16 axis.
Connection mode with servo amplifier: IE CC-Link field network connection type.
The maximum distance between the drive units: 100m.
Operation cycle: 0.88ms, 1.77ms, 3.55ms.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), 2 axis arc interpolation.
Color signal: 4 points Q01CPU PDF.
Color detecting set: 16 set.
Motion control into CC-LinkIE network.
Positioning control, synchronization control and cam control can be easily carried out by the simple parameter setting and the starting of the sequential program Q01CPU
QD77GF can be used as the main station of CC-LinkIE network.
Communication between 1 network implementation and servo amplifier, field device (remote I/O, sensor, etc Q01CPU PDF. ).
Note 1:QD77G only the master station can use the bus shape, star. 1 networks can connect up to 104 units from the device.
Even the long distance wiring can be flexible.
The use of fiber optic cable, with high speed, high performance, high reliability of the servo system controller network.
In addition to the traditional positioning control, but also to support speed / torque control and synchronous control Q01CPU PDF.
Use simple movement module setup tool",
Can easily perform positioning settings, monitoring and debugging, etc..
In addition, the data can be collected and displayed synchronously with the motion controller.
Support comprehensive, wiring flexible IE CC-Link field network.
This module can be used as the main station of IE CC-Link field network (equivalent to QJ71GF11-T2),
And still retains the function of simple motion module.
Therefore, flexible connection display (GOT), remote I/O, frequency converter and other equipment, flexible construction system. "Redundant CPU data tracking cable length of 1 meters.
Can only be used for MITSUBISHI Q series PLC redundancy CPU.Input / output points: 2048 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Program capacity: 20 K step.
Processing speed: 0.04 s.
Program memory capacity: 80 KB.
Support USB and RS232.
Support installed memory card.
Ultra high speed processing, production time is shortened, better performance.
As applications become larger and more complex, it is necessary to shorten the system operation cycle time.
The operation period can be shortened by the super high basic operation speed 1.9ns.
In addition to achieve in the past with the control of single-chip high-speed control,
The system performance can be improved by reducing the total scan time,
To prevent any possible performance bias.
High speed and high precision data processing.
The processing speed of the rreal number (floating point) arithmetic has been greatly improved,
Addition instruction reached 0 Q01CPU datasheet. 014 mu s,
Therefore, it can support the request of high-speed, high-precision processing data processing.
In addition, the new additioon of double precision floating point arithmetic instructions,
Simplify the programming, reduces the computational error when executing complex formula Q01CPU datasheet.
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