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OMRON E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M datasheet PDF

Brand: OMRON
Product model: E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M
Name: Small-diameter Proximity Sensor
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 3.88MB
E32-D15Y type: standard type; standard,
Specialty: plane shape side,
Bending radius (mm): R25.
Standard test object (minimum test object) (mm) 1: (0.005),
Fiber element for meeting diversified needsSensing method: BGS reflective (fixed distance).
Connection method: Pre-wired (2 m).
Sensing distance: 10 to 100 mm E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M PDF.
Model: PNP output .
Stainless Steel Housing Ideal for Food Industry PAT Pending E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M
Strong resistance against detergents, disinfectants, and jet liquid flow.
Product lineup includes BGS Reflective Models and Through-beam,
Models with built-in slits.
Certified by Ecolab Europe. Size: 96 x 96mm.
Ontology: terminal type, temperature input type.
Category: control output 1 point type (power supply AC100 ~ 240V) E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M PDF.
Shell color: black.
Control output: current output.
Control mode: standard or heating cooling.
Auxiliary output points: 3 points.
A power supply for the detection of /ES1B fault, SSR fault and heater over current for heater use.
Event input points: -.
Transfer output: output (using control output).
Communication: -.
The general temperature controller 96mm, 48 * 96mm square has been upgraded to improve the performance and function of / E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M PDF.
Indicates that the accuracy of the upgrade, increase the function of prevention and maintenance, further enhance the performance.
Add PV/SV state display function, to see the state of the thermostat
(automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, alarm), interactive display PV/SV.
Increase the number of control output ON/OFF counting function, can prevent the maintenance of temperature controller internal relay.
Increased the 3 segment display, which can display the current value / target / operation.
Increased the PF key, the distribution of automatic / manual, RUN/STOP, etc., can be a key operation. Appearance: 6.5 dia.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Connecting method: M8 Connector Models.
Cable specifications: --.
Operation mode: NO.
Wire color /pin arrangement: 1: +V, 3: 0 V, 4: Control output.
Model: PNP output.
Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!
With the addition of M4, 5.4-dia., 6.5-dia. size, unshielded,
pre-wired connector model, and connector model, a total of,
108 model variations are available.
High-speed response frequency sstably detects moving,
objects: 5 kHz max E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M datasheet.
Four indicator lamps for easier indicator positioning.
Special mounting brackets reduce time and efforts for,
Protective Stainless-steel Spiral Tube against wire,
breakage is available (M4, M5 only) E2E-S05N03-WC-B1 2M datasheet.
Models also available with standard cables that are 5 m long,
or with robot (bending-resistant) cables.
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