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Application of MITSUBISHI FX3U PLC in transformer PIN pin soldering
Article source: Chinese industrial network Release time: 5-11-2017

Technical features:


Single station equipment, small footprint, easy to move. Can realize the operation state display FX3U, automatic / manual control FX3U, furnace temperature monitoring, teaching mode, file management, automatic tin PIN pin soldering, can realize the direct welding PIN pin soldering, welding PIN pin soldering, welding and other side movement combination, in order to achieve precise soldering Application , each axis servo motor selection Application , to ensure the accuracy of soldering.


Control mode:


Automatic / manual control. The system contains two types of automatic and manual control mode Application , and maintenance on the machine debugging is using the manual control mechanism to control the operation; when in automatic control, press the start button will be in accordance with the archives data extraction work.


Furnace temperature control:


Furnace temperature control system is an independent system, using the temperature controller to control the temperature, and with opening closing function, temperature feedback to the PLC system, realize man-machine display, sound and light alarm.


Teaching mode:

The use of the control box or rapid editing of the product process, and automatically save, and finally built a file to facilitate the transfer of data when the machine is switched, no need to edit.


Archives management:


File management includes storage, extraction and deletion, the implementation of the operation of the system with automatic search function, search the appropriate file and then perform the appropriate operation. If stored for the search to the appropriate file, then automatically search the empty file, if no empty file is issued an alarm signal; extract and delete the file is not searched to the direct alarm. The steps such as lifting, pushing, rotating, tin cleaning and so on can be set freely, and the application scope is wide.


Automatic adding tin: tin and tin with two parts, when the tin surface height is lower than the detection surface automatically start the tin, to ensure that the amount of tin liquid. Manual / automatic control.


Automatic job profile:


Condition: machine to automatic state, the temperature reached the stove.


Work process: press the start button, the manipulator to capture Taiwan reclaimer servo motor and cylinder products, then according to record data with flux, drying, dial tin, solder action, after the end of the manipulator in the product back to Taiwan to start the tin surface reclaimer, detection, detection of the tin surface height, whether or not tin.


Main equipment configuration:




HMI: TK6070I vinylon


The servo drive and motor: Yaskawa 200W and 400W





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