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OMRON blister machine overall solution
Article source: OMRON- (China) Co. Ltd. OMRON automation Release time: 5-4-2017

The blister packaging machine is a machine which is made of a transparent plastic film or a thin sheet into a bubble cover, and is sealed with the bottom plate by the method of hot pressing sealing and bonding. Blister packaging products with intuitive blister machine OMRON, good sealing characteristics blister machine OMRON, has been widely used in light industry OMRON, medicine and chemical industry, especially pharmaceutical packaging.


Blister machine according to the mould and heat sealing mold form is divided into three types: roller (mould and heat sealing mold are cylindrical), plate (forming mold and heat sealing mold are flat and roll forming die (plate) for flat type heat sealing the mold is cylindrical). At present, the market is more of the application of the plate blister machine and roll plate blister machine, punching frequency is generally 50-60 times /min. The overall solution provided by OMRON is primarily a roll plate blister machine.


Although the design scheme of the blister machine is more, the process flow is composed of the following basic processes: thin film conveying, heating, forming, punching, filling, sealing, batch number, pressure tearing and cutting.


Roller plate type blister packaging machine is composed of roller type, plate type blister packaging machine evolved, it avoids the poor quality of plate roll forming and sealing can not guarantee the quality of the shortcomings, using the plate pressure blow molding and roller line contact sealing, the molding and sealing to achieve the best effect. Due to the adoption of plate forming mechanism, the structure of the machine is complex, and the requirement of automation is high.


The biggest difficulty control roller plate type blister packaging machine is of full servo control molding, stamping, mainly traction and tension control in synchronous motor two units, while the remaining two synchronous servo to achieve motion,


In this case, OMRON is given by two rotary encoders were used to detect the motor rotation angle forming and blanking traction traction, and the feedback signal to the high speed counter of CP1H, the realization of the two part of the traction control scheme of full closed loop control, precise control of synchronous motor and the traction tension


In this scheme, the controller uses a small PLC CP1H OMRON, the direct use of high-speed pulse built-in four 100kHz output control four servo system to achieve precise positioning and speed control, traction, forming, punching, without the addition of the positioning module, and saves the cost for customers. While the motor position feedback signal through the OMRON encoder E6B2-C direct input built-in high speed counter of CP1H (a total of 4, each single phase 100kHz, phase 50kHz), the formation of the full closed-loop position control, synchronization control and tension control of traction.


Due to the CP1H support a variety of interrupt functions, so the program will be prepared in the real-time high part of the program into the interrupt program, greatly reducing the program cycle scan cycle. CP1H rich instructions in terms of PID operations, floating point operations, trigonometric functions, such as the calculation of the order also brings convenience to the program.


In the selection of driving, taking into account the OMRON W series servo positioning time is short, high precision, bubble forming machine traction and blanking traction with a W servo R88D-WTH control. W servo system may also be through the data line and OMRON servo control software CX-Driver to realize real-time monitoring of parameters of rapid setting and servo runtime performance, to help customers in the generation of fault quickly and accurately find the problem.


Forming and blanking control is optional OMRON SmartStep Z series servo R7D-ZPH. The parameters of the servo system are simple, the content of the system is approximately the same as that of the stepping motor, and the torque is higher than that of the stepping motor.


OMRON color touch screen NS used in blister machine, through its unique SAP library, supports up to 1000 kinds of formula and multi language switching function, a simple connection between OMRON and screen production and controller and devices, greatly saves the time of product development.


In addition to FA products, OMRON also has a broad sensor product line. The blister machine the application, not only select a color sensor equipped with OMRON engine, with a simple, secure, accurate, high speed advantage of E3X-DAC optical fiber sensor as a standard test, also use ZFX for material shortage detection.


Contains the touch screen, visual sensor ZFX large LCD screen display can be equipped with engine speed processing a large amount of data RT-X, parallel processing and image matching and camera photo read operations, the industry's most high speed color processing. The ZFX operation is very simple, only need to select the optimal picture "," search "to" position compensation "3 step is set to be completed on the sample inspection; and contains defects, classification, area, color, brightness, position, width, number, position compensation, speed detection, Hue color detection 128, set the basic region and high-end features can be detected in different micro samples. ZFX can be very convenient and quick to install, and realize the integrated design of ALL IN ONE. In addition, ZFX comes with a variety of connection ports, and can easily and cameras, monitors, computers, PLC and other peripherals to communicate, and equipped with SD card slot, you can store up to 100 files.


From system products to high-end OMRON vision sensor, improve the system of products covering almost the entire blister packaging machinery to industrial products, and each product has its own independent advantages, and has a high degree of compatibility between the products of our factory. After the completion of the OMRON system solution, the maximum punching frequency of the customer's equipment reached 100 times /min (Al / Al) and the /min (aluminum / plastic) of the second time, the maximum production capacity also reached 24000 /h (). This not only saves the workload and development costs, but also greatly improves the overall performance of the machine.



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