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Pro-face uses GLC products to improve current high-performance sensors
Article source: Pro-face China International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Release time: 4-19-2017

Founded in 1952, Ulvac Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the field of electronics, communications, energy, environment and medicine.

Since the first leak detector was introduced in 1967 GLC products, Ulvac has introduced new concept products to exploit new markets in the field. Ulvac HELIOT300 series is to enhance the accuracy of the helium sensor to a new height. Combined with the company's special "Select-Free" process technology and other improvements GLC products sensors Pro-face, these modules can detect small to 10-13Pa-m3/s leakage. In the case of such a ratio sensors Pro-face, this module takes thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years will only lead to 1cc gas leakage. As a matter of fact sensors Pro-face, the accuracy of today's leak detectors has exceeded most of the industry's needs, so how can Ulvac do better?


Leak detector


On the surface of the leak detector, a test sample is filled with helium or mist helium, which is then monitored to determine the location of the leak and to measure the amount of it.


R & D starts with the application of research products


In the choice of where to focus on its research and development capabilities on this issue, Ulvac company chose to check the leak detector on many applications to achieve. For example, the leak detector is most commonly used in vacuum technology, such as CD-ROM, frozen fried foods, solar cells, blood transfusion bags, as well as the manufacture of aviation materials. Current leak detectors provide the required accuracy for these industrial areas.


The study led to an important finding that leak detectors can only be used by people with expertise in a professional inspection process. As a result, Ulvac realizes that the traditional helium based leak detectors can only be used by people who know how to turn on and control the time and size of helium. With the growing demand for industrial leak detectors, Ulvac is focused on developing products that are easy to use even without the expertise and experience of the field.


Vacuum technology


The technology is applied in the field of sealing industry which has strict requirements for dust and other particles, humidity and even oxygen. For example, vacuum technology is essential in the manufacture of integrated circuits and other high-tech products.


GLC created a simple operation without professional knowledge


Ulvac company has developed a Pro-face with a GLC leak detector. The display of the product makes it possible to graphically display the data, allowing the operator to see the results and trend data. Ulvac also designed to make buttons and switches easier to understand. This is only part of its function. Ulvac is equipped with the GLC in the input and output terminals, and can communicate with peripherals to provide control functions and can also be linked to PLC. Finally, it also improves the leak test function for the operator to select. In a word, these innovations make the complicated process of setting the valve and cylinder into an automatic process, replacing the original manual process. Using this new leak detector with GLC, the operation is as easy as choosing the right prescription. In the process of development, Ulvac has also developed new products, such as the HELIOT 700 series, which is the use of a fully automated leak testing system, which set a new standard for the next generation leak detector.


Flexible response to overcome the problem of switching from industrial technology to digital technology


Ulvac is well aware of the needs of today's market is far more advanced product performance, but also the need for simple operation. Anyone can operate the device is the true meaning of the removal of the gap between the user and the machine. This is the embodiment of the unique value of Pro-face GLC products. GLC has the ability to deal with information, has become the key to the success of Ulvac's product strategy. When a leak is detected by the machine, the operator can perform corrective actions by simply reading the instructions on the display and the following instructions. The display shows exactly what part of the operation should be performed, so there is no need to query the operating manual. The machine also displays a list of customer service or technical support representatives. The touch panel makes it easier to understand the operating procedures and equipment status, so there is no professional experience in running the device.


Ulvac plans to HELIOT 700 series to overseas markets. For the future, the company also predicted that the network will be able to share data leakage detector.



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