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Total solution of OMRON automatic powder filling machine
Article source: OMRON - (Chinese) Co. Ltd. OMRON automation Release time: 4-13-2017

The automatic powder filling machine can automatically complete the feeding, metering, filling, discharging, etc., and can be combined with other equipment to form a complete set of canned pipeline. It is suitable for packing granular materials filling machine solution , such as milk powder filling machine solution , rice flour solution , protein powder, powder medicine, powder additive, glucose, dyestuff, essence and so on. Currently on the market of automatic powder filling machine production speed in 30 cans /min.


Process description:


The core of automatic powder filling machine is two filling: pre filling and filling. After the empty tank can be fed by the feeding system to the pre filling under the pre filling OMRON , the amount of pre filling is set in advance in the PLC OMRON , by the servo motor according to the pulse command PLC to fill the filling screw. After the completion of the pre filling feeding system will be sent to the pre filled tank weighing station OMRON , by weighing weighing sensor (usually in the pre filling will set aside a target weight of about 1%-5%, will fill the space to add) weighing the actual value of feedback to the PLC by the PLC operation (supplementary filling quantity = target weight - the actual values are pre filled weighing) need to add fill amount, feeding system will be sent to fill a supplement tank to replenish the fill. After the completion of the reclamation by supplementary feeding system to supplement fill on the weighing sensor for testing, if the weight is qualified filling tank; if the gap from the target value is larger then the feeding system to supplement fill two supplementary filling, until the weight of filling a tank qualified so far.


Technological difficulties:


Accuracy and speed are always a pair of contradictory points, so the difficulty of automatic powder filling machine is to find the balance point of weighing speed and precision. After filling in the jar feeding system to weigh in on the weighing plate, just brought to the weighing disc will have certain influence to the wobble and weighing data accuracy, in order to improve the accuracy, you must set certain delay time to weighing weighing sensor in the environment is relatively stable, and the delay time is too long and will affect the speed of the entire system. CP1H-XA PLC OMRON, built in 4 in 2 out of analog, accuracy of 1/12000, the response speed is only 8ms, with high quality weighing sensor, the system speeds up to 50 cans of /min and ensure the accuracy in the range of 5Kg - 4G within reach.


PLC:OMRON multifunctional integrated machine CP1H (analog type)




1, built in four 100kHz high-speed pulse output, control servo system, to achieve accurate positioning and speed control of screw filling, without adding additional positioning module, to save costs for customers


2, can be added at the same time, RS232, RS422/485 serial port, and the communication with the OMRON converter can be directly called Smart FB (function block), eliminating the cumbersome procedures for the preparation of customer communication procedures


3, support a variety of interrupt function, can be a number of high real-time program into the interrupt program so that it is not affected by the entire program cycle scan cycle


4, there is a rich command language, can be PID operation, floating-point operation, according to the test data of the weighing sensor for PID operation, accurate control of the amount of filling


5, built-in 4 into the 2 analog, the accuracy of up to 1/12000, the response rate is only 8ms, no need to add any expansion module


HMI:OMRON color touch screen NS series




1, with a wealth of screen types


2, and OMRON controller has strong compatibility


3, support the language of the 41 countries, a screen can display up to 16 languages


4, support up to 1000 formulations


Servo: pre filling motor for the W series servo system, add fill motor and tank motor can be equipped with Smartstep Z series servo system




1, W series servo control traction, with short positioning time, high positioning accuracy. Through the data line and OMRON servo control software Cx-Driver connected, real-time monitoring can be realized quickly set up parameters and servo run-time performance, to help customers in the generation of fault quickly and accurately find the problem


2, Z series servo system parameter setting is simple, need to set the content and stepper motor roughly the same. Compared with the stepper motor, Z series servo has higher torque, all of the adjustment is completed automatically through the servo drive


Inverter: high performance compact inverter 3G3MZ series




1, open loop vector control and V/f control, to ensure that the motor can operate at high torque at low speed, with a load capacity of 150%


2, the built-in Modbus protocol communication (RS485 interface), you can also choose the field bus card adapter DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen and other high-speed communications


3, built-in EMI noise filter, can effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference generated by 3G3MZ, Class B level


OMRON system solution performance


1, accuracy: packing weight deviation is less than or equal than 500g + 1.5g, 500-1000g = >1000g + 2.5G deviation, deviation less than 4G


2, speed: packing speed 25-55 tank /min


OMRON sound system products almost cover the needs of automatic powder filling machine on industrial products, and each product has its own advantages and has the independent products very high compatibility, customers in the use of OMRON system solutions not only saves the workload and the cost of development, but also greatly improve the overall the mechanical properties of the.


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