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YASKAWA motion controller motion control scheme for stranding machine
Article source: 网络 Release time: 4-27-2017

The stranding machine is an important equipment in the rubber hose industry, and the quality of the wire strand has a direct influence on the quality of the rubber hose. The machine is composed of motion controller controller motion , servo controller controller motion scheme, motor scheme, frequency converter and other detection switches.


Difficulties in using PLC system


(1) the winding of the winding machine is uneven and accumulated at the commutator;

(2) the screw thread of the winding machine is not smooth;

(3) can not be carried out on the ramp table


Difficulty analysis


(1) when the line is not uniform scheme YASKAWA, the accumulation is mainly due to the PLC speed command processing time is long (about 10ms) YASKAWA, there is no synchronous instruction and can not be refreshed in real time YASKAWA, the response speed is not enough;

(2) the main reason for the change of the thread at the commutator is that the winding way is thread winding, and after the last lap winding, it needs to be set around the wire;

(3) when the taper table is inclined to climb, it is necessary to add a line width and line thickness for each lap, so it is necessary to carry out the calculation after each winding, because the PLC operation time is too long, it can not be used for high speed winding.




Our company is the first generation of products using MP940 special motion controller MP940 is 1.5 Yaskawa, axis controller, servo controller integrated in MP940, RAM and controller using two-way communication, no delay. There is a switch in the amount of I/O and an analog output (control converter), using CP717 software to the controller programming.


My company in order to reduce the cost of OEM manufacturers (MP940, high price and has been discontinued) launched the second generation product, the TRIO controller can be used to replace MP940, servo system, greatly reducing the cost and effect of the first generation of products exactly the same.



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