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3G2A5-OD213 OMRON 3G2A5-OD213

Specification: three phase 400V.
Power: 5.5KW.
Maximum output voltage: three phase input voltage.
Rated voltage, frequency: three-phase power supply 380 ~ 50/60Hz, 480V.
Cooling: forced air cooling.
Weight: 4.2kg.
Open loop vector control mode of low speed and high torque, rich control function and convenient distribution management network function,
Set in one of the inverrter --3G3MZ 3G2A5-OD213.
3G3MZ series inverter for the application of frequency control and development.
Humanized design and advanced management technology, as well as OMRON a simple style of modeling, feature rich style,
Combined with the latest technical needs of users, so that it has a noble lineage and the most close to the market elements 3G2A5-OD213.
Covers the special features of the fan pump class, open loop vector function,
Built in noise filter and a variety of network bus,
3G3MZ will be your most economical and the most perfect choice 3G2A5-OD213. Specification: three phase 400V.
Power: 132KW.
Maximum output voltage: three phase AC380 ~ 480V (input voltage correspondence).
Rated voltage: three phase 480V ~ 50/60Hz AC380 OMRON 3G2A5-OD213.
Weight: about 120kg.
In the inverter is equipped with the servo can play the same static torque with PG vector control function,
DeviceNet communication makes the application field more extensive.
The high functional specifications are concentrated in the compact OMRON 3G2A5-OD213.
Equipped with PG vector control.
Subsequent models of 3G3RV.
CV/VT selection function.
Rich online automatic adjustment function (self learning function).
CX-Drive software.
DeviceNet correspondence correspondence.
Multi function input and output function OMRON 3G2A5-OD213.
Colorful function.
Brake transistor built-in.
Protection function.
Function name: 3 phase 400V.
Power: 5.5KW.
Rated output voltage: 3 phase, 380 ~ 480V (the output voltage can not exceed the input voltage).
Built in brake unit (brake resistance needs to be matched).
Weight: 3.5KG.
Dimension (w * h) 260mm *:140.
Outline dimension (deep):155mm.
Mechanical automation concept.
Positioning function.
The use of options.
(EtherCAT, CompoNet and DeviceNet) to realize the field bus communication. Driver programming function 3G2A5-OD213.
Current vector control.
High starting torque: 0.5Hz up to 200%.
Safety features, in compliance with ISO13849-1:2008 EN (Cat.3/PLd) and IEC60204-1 stop level 0 standard.
Frequency output up to 580H.

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