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Country: JAPAN
Name: Extension module
Model: A0J2E-E24T
Price: 0
Max input / output points: 16 points.
Supply voltage: 100 - 240VAC.
Input points: 8 points.
Output points: 8 points.
Output type: Transistor (sinktype).
Power consumption: 30W.
Weight (kg):0.6.
Size (WxHxD) mm:130x90x86.
Faster and more efficient. Support high speed control and network communication, and have the function of data recording A0J2E-E24T.
High speed, large capacity, multi-function high-end machine A0J2E-E24T
FX3U supports high speed processing, CC-Link communication, network communication, analog control and advanced positioning system.
Connected to the CC-Link, including the remote I/O, the maximum input and output control points up to 384 points,
Can correspond to a variety of field needs, the use of its scalability and flexibility to expand the scope of application of the control system A0J2E-E24T.
Third generation high function micro programmable controller.
High speed, high efficiency, high performance, large capacity, and new features.
Built in high speed processing and positioning.
Control points: maximum 256 points.
Use CC-Link remote I/O for 384 points. Connecting cable for handheld GOT and PLC A0J2E-E24T.
Cable length: 10 meters.
Application: RS-422 connection and RS-232C connection. Drive: MR-H_ACN series CC-LINK features.
Rated output: 2.0KW.
The test system is composed of two parts, namely, the servo driver, the motor system and the host computer.
The host computer sends the speed command signal to the servo driver,
Servo drives start to run in accordance with the instructions.
In the course of operation, the running data of the servo system is collected by the host computer and the data acquisition circuit,
And carries on the preservation, the analysis and the display to the data. Because the motor is not loaded in this test system,
So compared with the previous two kinds of testing systems, tthe system has a relativelly small volume,
And the measurement and control circuit of the system is relatively simple,
But it also makes the system can not simulate the actual operation of the servo drive A0J2E-E24T.
Usually, such testing system is only used to test the rotational speeedd and angular displacement of the tested system under no-load condition,
And can not carry on the comprehensive and accurate test to the servo drive A0J2E-E24T.
A0J2E-E24T Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=A0J2E-E24T&select=5

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