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Country: JAPAN
Name: SSCNET type III optical fiber communication driver
Model: MR-J3-60B4
Price: 0
1 axis servo amplifier.
MITSUBISHI general AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 series.
Rated output: 12.0kw.
Interface: General purpose.
Power supply: three phase AC400V.
0.6kW and 1kW above the servo amplifier.
Servo amplifier supporting universal interface.
Servo amplifier for universal interface.
Speed / torque control of position control and analog voltage command can be carried out by using pulse train command MR-J3-60B4
Support Max instruction pulse frequency 4 Mpulses/s.
The industry''s top level speed motor, the frequency of 2.5kHz amplifier, and optical fiber network extradimensional Symphony orchestra.
Using the traditional two degree of freedom model adaptive control to further optimize the exclusive high speed servo control structure of the dedicated execution engine MR-J3-60B4.
Achieved the fastest 2.5kHz speed frequency response in the industry.
Combined with MITSUBISHI independent research and development of high resolution absolute position encoder (4194304pulses/rev),
Greatly improve the processing speed. Can maximize the performance of high-end machinery MR-J3-60B4. Motor series: low inertia, medium and small capacity .
Using a serial absolute / incremental encoder.
Rated output power: 0.75kw.
Rated speed: 2000rpm.
With a brake band.
Shaft end: straight shaft.
Comparison of single phase induction motor and servo motor.
The working principle of the AC servo motor is similar to that of the single phase induction motor,
But the rotor resistance of the former is much larger than that of the latter,
So the servo motor is compared with the single machine asynchronous motor,
There are three notable features::
1, large starting torquee MR-J3-60B4.
2, a wide range of operation.
3, no rotation phenomenon.
AC servo motor running smoothly, low noise.
But the control characteristic is non-linear, and because the rotor resistance is big, the loss is big, the efficiency is low,
Therefore, comparredd with the same capacity DC servo motor, the volume is large and the weight is heavy,
So it is only suitable for 0 MR-J3-60B4. 5-100W small power control system.
MR-J3-60B4 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=MR-J3-60B4&select=5

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