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Name: High performance servo driver
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No speed reducer in inertia, high speed servo motor type SGM7J (rated speed 3000r\/min).
Rated output: 150W.
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 24 bit absolute value type.
Design sequence: C.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw.
Optional parts: with oil seal.
Cantilever state and moment of inertia .
After the change, can still maintain stable action SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002.
Improvement of responsiveness SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002
Without adjustment, it can be achieved in the past about 2 times the response.
Improvement of stability.
The action is still stable for the presence of load fluctuations.
No gain adjustment.
Zero tuning time to ensure performance.
Protection system from the impact of temperature anomalies SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002.
Servo unit and servo motor equipped with temperature sensor .
Monitor the temperature of the product directly through the sensor, as soon as possible to detect and prevent failure.
In addition, the temperature state of the system can be monitored by the machine controller, which is safe and secureSigma -V series servo motor SGMGV.
Rated output: 5 SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002. 5kw.
Power supply voltage: AC400V.
Serial encoder: 20 bit Delta (standard) .
Design sequence: standard.
Shaft end: straight shaft, without keyway (standard).
Optional: with oil seal, with the brake (DC90V).
A variety of mechanical feed shaft drive (high speed feed).
Variety is complete (300W ~ 15kW, with hold brake).
Equipped with a high resolution serial encoder (20 bit).
Standard using IP67.
Use example:
Machine tool。
Transport machinery.
Handling machinery。
Food processing machinery.
Rating and specifications:
Rated time: continuous.
Vibration level: V15.
Insulation resistance: DC500V, 10M, or above.
Using ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C.
Excitation mode: permanent magnet type.
Installlation method: fflange type SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002.
Heat resistance grade: F.
Insulation withstand voltage: AC1500V 1 minutes (200V), AC1800V 1 minutes (400V).
Protection mode: fully enclosed self cooling type IP67 (except shaft through part).
The use of environmental humidity: 20 ~ 80%% ((not dew) SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002.
Connection mode: direct connection.
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (CCW) rotation at the load side under the direction of rotation
SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGDV-1R9D01A020EX002&select=5

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