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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Name: Small-diameter Proximity Sensor
Market price: U.S.$ 116.99
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Appearance: Rectangular (M16-J).
Lighting: Incandescent lamp, 12 VAC/VDC.
Degree of protection: IP40.
Display color symbol: R: red; Y: yellow; G: green; A: blue;
W: white; PY: pure yellow; PW: pure white.
Cylindrical 16-dia. Indicator.
Same basic design as the A16 Pushbutton Switch. Actuator: Adjustable roller lever, form lock (metal lever, resin roller) E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M.
Conduit size: 2-conduit; G1/2.
Built-in switch mechanism: 3NC (Slow-action) E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M
Popular Safety Limit Switches.
Providing a Full Lineup Conforming to,
International Standards.
Lineup includes models with 1NC/1NO, 2NC, 2NC/1NO and,
3NC contact forms.
(Slow-action models with MBB contacts are available E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M. )
M12-connector models are also available, saving on labor and,
simplifying replacement .
Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability.
Can be used with both standard loads and microloads.
Conforms to EN115-1, EN81-1, and EN81-2 (slow-action models only).
Certified standards: UL, EN (TÜV), and CCC. Number of beams: 60.
Protective height: 1200mm E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M.
Safety Light Curtains with Durable,
Impact-resistant Body and Long,
20-m Sensing Distance .
MS/MSF4800A Advanced Series.
Programming and Diagnostics Module (PDM) makes it easy,
to set functions.
Series connection is possible only with the MSF4800A.
Blanking can be set.
Muting is possible only with the MSF4800A by using the,
MS4800-RM6 Resource Module.
MS/MSF4800B Basic Series,
Features all necessary basic Safety Light Curtain functions.
Series connection is possible only with the MSF4800B.
Programming and Diagnostics Module (PDM) makes it easy,
to set functions. Type: square.
Screen mode: no segmentation.
Output: DPDT.
Power supply voltage: DC12V.
Contact type: small load operation (AC125V, 0.1A; DC30V, 0.1A).
Operation: instantaneous action (auto reset).
Operation Department color: green.
In the touch and the ability to protect than OMRON''s previous modeels have improvedd E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M.
The micro volume design of 23mm is realized.
Micro design and unique combination of soft sensing.
LED has five colors (red, yellow, green, white, and blue).
Built in basic switch improves touch.
Built in basic switches in the previous modell bbased on the OMRON to improve the protection E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M.
Chip LED to produce a uniform surface brightness.
From the front panel installation, more convenient.
E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M&select=5

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