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Brand: OMRON
Country: JAPAN
Model: G4A-1A-EDC24
Price: 0
Specifications: Output, PNP (+ common), 8 points.
I/O connections: Sensor I/O connector.
Rated internal circuit power supply voltage:
Supplied from the communications connector.
Rated I/O power supply voltage: 24 VDC.
Environment-resistive (IP67) I/O.
Terminals with Troubleshooting.
Functions such as Sensor Power .
Supply Short-circuit Detection G4A-1A-EDC24.
Equipped with the standard Smart Slave functions that provide powerful,
preventative maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities G4A-1A-EDC24
High degree of environmental resistance with dust-proof,
and drip-proofconstruction.
Power supply wiring is not required for input devices.
Connect heavy-load devices (up to 1 G4A-1A-EDC24. 5 A).
Power supply wiring is not required for input devices such as sensors .
(Power supply wiring is required for output devices.)
Detects ground faults or disconnects and notifies the Master. Item: Advanced models, ATC function.
Functions: ATC (Active Threshold Control).
Model: PNP output.
Variable Laser Beam for Spot, Line, or Area Detection.
Long-distance detection (diffuse reflective: 1 m, retro-reflective: 7 m) G4A-1A-EDC24.
Beam shape selectable from spot, line, and area types to match various applications .
Adjustable spot diameter.
Adjustable optical axis.
The E3DC-LDA0, which supports the EtherCAT Sensor.
Communications Unit and the CompoNet Sensor.
Communications Unit, is also included in product lineup. Field of view: Wide View (Long-distance).
Number of pixels: 350,000 pixels.
Monochrome: NPN.
Field of view/Installation distance: Refer to figure 3 on p.20.
Inspection capabilities, camera options,
and communication options -- this powerful,
heavy weight has it all.
This Vision Sensor provides all of the best-selling,
features found in high-end models without the,
need as in vision system for a separate controller.
This new Smart Camera was designed to attract,
potential customers to try the FQ2 Series. Output: DPDT.
Lighting: LED.
Operating voltage: 5 VDC.
Pushbuttoon colorsymbol: R: red, Y: yellow; PY: pure yellow
G: green, A: blue; PW: pure white; B: black *2 G4A-1A-EDC24.
Item: Momentary operation (Self-resetting).
Separate Construction with.
Cylindrical 16-dia. Body.
Miniature design of 28.5 mm, the smallest class in the industry.
Detaachhable Switch G4A-1A-EDC24.
The same contacts can be used for both standard loads and microloads.
Easy-to-wire terminal arrangement.
Certified for EN 60947-5-1.
G4A-1A-EDC24 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=G4A-1A-EDC24&select=5

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