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C language controller module R12CCPU-V MITSUBISHI R12CCPU-V

Name: C language controller module
Model: R12CCPU-V
Memory capacity: 256MB.
As one of the specific features of the iQ-R CPU series MELSEC module, the new C language controller module is added.
C language ARM developed a multi-core controller can perform multiple programs simultaneously based on.
In addition, both the robustness and timing of the C language controller can also be used as a substitute for computer / computer platform.
Moreover, the C language controller adopts a non fan structure, and does not raise dust, and is most suitable for use in a clean environment such as a micro chip factory.
Play iQ-R MELSEC series of high performance, flexible, strong characteristics, can be used in a variety of industrial applications to achieve automation.
Can be simple to use 3 kinds of tool software.
C language controller has been installed in a variety of drivers embedded real-time OS. Various modules can be easily accessed through a special function,
No need to develop the driver and install new OS, through a special function to access a variety of modules,
Can be simple to deploy, reduced cost of development.
You can use CW Workbench and CW Configurator (software) (setting and monitoring tools) and CW-Sim (simulation tool VxWorks.),
Provide strong support for C language program development.
Can be easily programmed, no restrictions on the microprocessor.
By using the C language controller module specific function (CCPU function), MELSEC communication function (MD function),
Can easily access the C language controller module, I/O module, intelligent function module, network module, programmable controller CPU and sports CPU, etc.,
Create an application that uses a programmable controller device.
Configurator CW can be used for parameter setting, diagnosis and monitoring.
Using Configurator CW,
The iQ-R/Q MELSEC series module (network module, intelligent function module, input and output module, etc.) can be easily set, diagnosis, monitor and test by the C language controller module.
The operation of Configurator CW is similar to that of iQ-R MELSEC programming software Works3 GX.

1Gbps, fiber optic cable, management station / general station.
IE CC-Link controller network is a kind of controller network based on Gigabit Ethernet,
The most suitable for large scale controller decentralized control.
With high speed (1Gbps), large capacity (128K word), using the characteristics of the dual loop fiber,
Controller network system capable of constructing high reliability MITSUBISHI R12CCPU-V R12CCPU-V
The fault prone high reliability fiber double loop network is not easy to be transmitted by using the double loop transmission of the strong anti interference fiber cable,
In the event of cable disconnection or power failure, etc., but also through the ring back function to continue communication.
Quick find line fault, module exception
The overall situation of the IE CC-Link controller network can be visualized by engineering software, and the circuit fault and module exception can be found quickly MITSUBISHI R12CCPU-V.
Therefore, in case of failure, can quickly identify abnormal parts, in order to shorten the system down time.
In addition, the network can also monitor the status of other stations programmable controller MITSUBISHI R12CCPU-V. Input: DC input.
Input points: 32 points.
Rated input voltage: DC24V
Rated input current: 4 TYP.
Response time: 0.1 ~ 70ms.
Common way: 32 points, the public side.
Interrupt function: have.
Output: Transistor (drain type) output R12CCPU-V MITSUBISHI.
Output points: 32 points
Rated load voltage: DC12 ~ 24V.
Max load current: 0.2A/ point.
Response time: 1ms.
Common way: 32 point / public end R12CCPU-V MITSUBISHI.
Protection function (overload, overheat)
External wiring connection: 40 pin connector two.
1 input / output hybrid modules can meet the functional requirements of both input and output modules.
The function of the 2 modules is concentrated in 1 modules, which can help to save space and cost R12CCPU-V MITSUBISHI. Capacity: 8MB.Output points: 16 points.
Output form: relay output.
Rated open and close voltage, current: DC24V/2A, AC240V/2A.
Rated load voltage.
Max load current: -.
Response time: 12ms.
Common way: 16 point / public end.
Protection function (overload, overheat).
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
Output module with mechanical relay contact mechanism,
Including the load voltage range of the relay and can be used for the output of the DC12~24V load transistor output tyype R12CCPU-V.
According to the load voltage, the output points of different, choose the most suitable user needs of the module.
Preventive maintenance based on the life of relay contact.
Relay output module can accumulate the number of OON of each output point MITSUBISHI R12CCPU-V.
Through the understanding of the relay contacts of the number of times, according to the relay life of preventive maintenance.

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