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E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M | OMRON Small-diameter Proximity Sensor E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M

Brand: OMRON
Name: Small-diameter Proximity Sensor
Model: E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M
Appearance: 3 dia.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Connecting method: Pre-wired Models (2 m).
Cable specifications: PVC (oil-resistant).
Operation mode: NO.
Wire color /pin arrangement: Brown: +V, Black: Output, Blue: 0 V.
Model: PNP output.
Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!
With the addition of M4, 5.4-dia., 6.5-dia. size, unshielded,
pre-wired connector model, and connector model, a total of,
108 model variations are available.
High-speed response frequency stably detects moving,
objects: 5 kHz max.
Four indicator lamps for easier indicator positioning.
Special mounting brackets reduce time and efforts for,
Protective Stainless-steel Spiral Tube against wire,
breakage is available (M4, M5 only).
Models also available with standard cables that are 5 m long,
or with robot (bending-resistant) cables.

Size: M12 (Brass); Double; Shielded (See note 2.).
Sensing distance: 8 mm.
Connecting method (See note 1.): M12 Connector.
Body length: Short.
Output configuration: PNP.
Operation mode NC.
A new generation in global applications. Appearance: Shielded, M18.
Sensing distance: 8 mm.
Output: NPN OMRON E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M.
Model: Operation mode NC.
Aluminum and Iron Both.
Detectable from Long Distances E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M Appearance: Flat Unshielded.
Sensing distance: 10 mm[4 to 10 mm *].
Output configuration: DC 3-wire NPN.
Model/Operation mode: NO.
Flat Capacitive Sensor with a.
Thickness of Only 10 mm.
Flat Sensor with excellent space efficiency.
(Model with built-in Amplifier is only 10 mm thick.)
Direct mounting onto a metallic surface is possible OMRON E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M. Appearance: Shielded, M18.
Sensing distance: 8 mm.
Output configuration: DC 2-wire (without polarity) (3)-(4) pin arrangement.
Operation mode: NO.
Spatter-resistant Fluororesin,
coated Proximity Sensor.
Superior spatter resistance.
Long Sensing-distance Models added for sensing,
distances up to 15 mm.
Pre-wired Smartclick Connector Models are also available OMRON E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M. Optical system: diffuse type.
Detection distance: 80 positive and negative 15mm.
Beam shape: linear beam.
Beam diameter: 900mm * 60 M.
Resolution: 2 m.
Cable length: 2m. Optical system: Diffuse reflective.
Beam shape: Line beam E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M OMRON.
Sensing distance: 300±200 mm.
Resolution: 300 μm.
For the most recent information on models that have been,
certified for safety standards, refer to your OMRON website E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M OMRON. Appearance: Shielded, M12.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Output: PNP.
Model: Operation mode NC.
Aluminum and Iron Both.
Detectable from Long Distances. Appearance: Shielded, M30.
Sensing distance: 12 mm.
Output configuration: DC 2-wire (no polarity) .
Operation mode: NO E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M OMRON.
Proximity Sensor Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry. Field of view: Standard View.
Number of pixels: 350,000 pixels.
Color: PNP.
Field of view/Installation distance: Refer to figurre 2 on p E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M. 20.
Inspection capabilities, camera options,
and communication options -- this powerful,
heavy weight has it all.
This Vision Sensor provides all of the best-selling,
features found in high-end models withoutt the,
need as in vision system for a separate controller OMRON E2E-C03N02-WC-B1 2M.
This new Smart Camera was designed to attract,
potential customers to try the FQ2 Series.

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