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E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M | OMRON Small-diameter Proximity Sensor E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M

Brand: OMRON
Name: Small-diameter Proximity Sensor
Model: E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M
Appearance: 6.5 dia.
Sensing distance: 2 mm.
Connecting method: Pre-wired Models (2 m).
Cable specifications: PVC (oil-resistant).
Operation mode: NO.
Wire color /pin arrangement: Brown: +V, Black: Output, Blue: 0 V.
Model: PNP output.
Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!
With the addition of M4, 5.4-dia., 6.5-dia. size, unshielded,
pre-wired connector model, and connector model, a total of,
108 model variations are available.
High-speed response frequency stably detects moving,
objects: 5 kHz max.
Four indicator lamps for easier indicator positioning.
Special mounting brackets reduce time and efforts for,
Protective Stainless-steel Spiral Tube against wire,
breakage is available (M4, M5 only).
Models also available with standard cables that are 5 m long,
or with robot (bending-resistant) cables.

Sensing method: Retro reflective.
Appearance: Horizontal.
Connection method: Pre-wired .
Sensing distance: 300 mm .
Recommended application: Flat object,
Detecting glass wafers and LCD glass circuit boards, --;
Cylindrical object,
Detecting plastic bottles and other transparent containers, Ideal OMRON E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M.
Ideal for Detecting Glass Wafers,
and Other Transparent Objects,
Detects glass wafers and LCD glass circuit boards E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M Size: M18, Shielded.
Sensing distance: 8.0 mm.
Connection: M12 connector.
Body material: Brass.
Thread length (overall length): 61 (75).
Output configuration: NPN.
Operation mode NO.
Safe Mounting with Greater.
Sensing Distance.
Ensures a sensing distance approximately 1 OMRON E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M. 5 to 2,
times larger than that of any conventional OMRON Sensor.
Problems such as the collision of workpieces are eliminated.
Full range of standard sizes (M8, M12, M18 and,
M30; both long and short barrels).
Modular construction simplifies customization. Size: M12 (Brass); Single; Unshielded.
Sensing distance: 20 mm.
Connecting method (See note 1.): M12 Connector.
Body length: Long OMRON E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M.
Output configuration: PNP.
Operation mode NC.
A new generation in global applications. Sensor type: Through-beam.
Sensing distance: 20 m.
Connection method: M12 connector.
Model: PNP output.
A new generation in sensing performance E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M OMRON.
Simple selection.
Simple installation.
One family for all.
All standard applications covered.
A wide variety of models E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M OMRON.
Models designed for special applications.
Non-stop detection.
High quality and reliability.
High EMC protection.
High light immunity.
Robust and waterproof housing. Measurement range: 4 mm.
Resolution: 0.4 µm.
Operating force: Approx. 0.25 N.
Five Types of Sensor for Use in a Wide E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M OMRON.
Range of Enviironments E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M.
D5SN-S01/-S04/-S04-L Sensors have a compact and light,
weight design with an ultra-small diameter of 6 mm.
The D5SN-S01 offers a high resolution of 0.1 µm.
D5SN-M05/-M10 Sensors have a robust construction andd can,
withstand a horizontal load of 5 N OMRON E2E-C06S02-WC-B1 2M.
D5SN-S01/-S04/-M05/-M10 Sensors ensure IP67 degree of,
All Sensors have an insulated design.

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