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E39-S61 | OMRON Mounting Brackets E39-S61

Brand: OMRON
Name: Mounting Brackets
Model: E39-S61
Slit width: Width 0.5, 1, 2, 4 × 11 mm.
Installation procedure: Plug-in type.
Applicable type: E3S-CT@1.

Field of view: Wide View (Long-distance).
Number of pixels: 760,000 pixels.
Color: PNP.
Field of view/Installation distance: Refer to figure 7 on p.20.
Inspection capabilities, camera options,
and communication options -- this powerful,
heavy weight has it all.
This Vision Sensor provides all of the best-selling,
features found in high-end models without the,
need as in vision system for a separate controller OMRON E39-S61 E39-S61
This new Smart Camera was designed to attract,
potential customers to try the FQ2 Series. Size: M18 (brass), two - fold range, non - shielded type.
Detection range: 16mm.
Connection mode: lead type (cable length is 2M and 5m two).
Thread length: long thread type.
Output type: NPN OMRON E39-S61.
Action mode NC.
Set up the new standard of the world economy proximity sensor.
OMRON as a pioneer and leader in proximity sensor industry,
Now bring you a new E2B proximity sensor with high performance to price ratio.
This series of products are complete,
Aimed at reasonable prices to meet customer demand for high quality and high reliability of the sensor.
We have tested the product not only on the protection level (IP67) specific item,
The oil spray test was carried out on the condition of the work site OMRON E39-S61.
Simulation test was carried out in the environment of high oil mist concentration E39-S61 OMRON. Connection method: Pre-wired connector.
Cable length: 0.5 m.
Sensing distance: 300 ± 150 mm.
Model: NPN output.
A CMOS Laser Sensor That’s.
Optimum for Simple Measurements E39-S61 OMRON.
A resolution of 0.002 mm that’s suitable for simple measure ments.
Stable measurements for any type of workpiece.
Models available with four different distance specifications.
Long-distance model for up to 1,000 mm.E3JM-DS70S4T deetection method: diffuse reflection type,
Connection: terminal plate,
Detection range: 700mm E39-S61 OMRON E39-S61.
Output status: ON into the light; light shading ON; switch conversion type.
Output: DC no contact. Function: timer,
2 types off cost reductionImproved Durability with OMRON E39-S61.
Stainless Steel Sensing.
Models with improved spatter resistance ideal,
for welding also available.

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