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Name: Basic type CPU
Model: Q01CPU
Program capacity: 8K step.
Input / output points: 1024 points.
Number of input and output elements: 2048.
Continue to go beyond, to climb the peak of Q series.
Strengthen security function.
Can be set up to 32 characters of the file password.
In addition to the English letters, numbers, but also the use of special characters,
To further enhance the security of the password.
In addition, only pre registered devices are allowed to access CPU,
To intercept unauthorized access to unauthorized users.
Therefore, it is important to prevent the outflow of important program assets and protect intellectual property rights.
CPU module expansion standard RAM (max 8MB).
Can be used with the SD memory card at the same time.
Continuous access file register.

8 slots.
The main substrate needs to be equipped with CPU and power supply.
Double power supply mode power supply redundancy system.
Requires 1 power modules.
Used to install Q series modules.
Optimal network matching for application purposes and applications,
Seamless communication between different hierarchical systems MITSUBISHI Q01CPU.
Enhancing the ability of information communication through network Q01CPU
This is also a major task in the field of automation.
Network environment provided by Q series
Is truly open & seamless.
Including based on universal ethernet,
Achieve easy management of the environment "IE Control CC-Link" controller network,
As well as in its management to achieve a high-speed, high-capacity transmission of the "IE Field CC-Link" field network MITSUBISHI Q01CPU.
Also including Japan''s first, to achieve the world standard,
And get the SEMI certification of the field network "CC-Link",
And inherited the design concept of the provincial distribution network CC-Link/LT".
And support sensor networks "AnyWire",
To enrich the lineup flexibility to integrate the various layers of automation network MITSUBISHI Q01CPU.
A variety of modules with excellent performance,
Meet the needs of various control from analog to location.
Q series module products include a variety of types of I/O, analog and positioning function module.
Can fully meet the switch, sensor, such as the input and output, temperature, weight, flow and motor, drive control,
As well as the requirements of high-precision control of the positioning of the industry, the control needs of various fields.
Can also be used in combination with the CPU module to achieve appropriate control.Source type output module (2 line type).Cable length 10m; used in A6TE2-16SRN.SRAM memory card; capacity: 8M bytes.
Support SD memory card.
High speed universal QCPU support SD memory card,
In order to be able to have a memory card port between SD and PC to easily realize data exchange.
In addition, the SD memory card and the extended SRAM card can be used simultaneously.
Therefore, the extension of the file register using the extended SRAM card,
SD memory card can be used at the same time to carry out the data file record, a large number of annotation data storage, through the memory card to guide operation.
Simply insert the SD memory card, you can automatically record.
Simply insert the SD in the CPU to save the record setting file, you can automatically start recording.
Even when remote data collection is required,
After receiving a record setting file by mail and copy it to the SD memory card,
Can immediately start recording.
Better user experience data recording function.
Easy to record, no need to program.
Simply through the special configuration tool wizard to easily complete the settings,
The collected data can be saved in CSV format to SD storage card.
Can be effectively used to save the CSV file to facilitate the creation of a variety of reference materials,
Including daily reports, generate reports and general reports Q01CPU.
These data can be applied to the data analysis, tracing, etc..
To record the change of control data without missing.
Data can be collected in a time interval or in a millisecond time interval,
To record the changge of the specified control data without any omission Q01CPU.
Therefore, in the event of failure, can quickly determine the cause, the precise action analysis.

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