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Power Couplers
B7AP Series

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Transmits Input Device ON/OFF. Signals and Power. The Key to Effortless Wiring for. Rotating and
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
E2A Series

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Safe Mounting with Greater. Sensing Distance. Ensures a sensing distance approximately 1.5 to 2,
Proximity Sensors
E2B Series

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A new generation in global applications.
Separate Amplifier Proximity Sensor with Adjustment Potentiometer
E2C Series/E2C-H Series

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Separate Amplifier Sensor with. Sensitivity Adjustment. Compact design with smaller Sensor Head.
High Precision Positioning Inductive Proximity Sensor
E2C-EDA Series

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Proximity Sensor with Separate. Amplifier Enables Easily Making High. precision Sensitivity Settin
Non-Ferrous-Metal-Detecting Proximity Sensor
E2CY-SD Series

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Proximity Sensor with Separate. Amplifier Unit for Detection of. Non-ferrous Metals with Simple.
Small-diameter Proximity Sensor
E2E Series

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Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation! With the addition of M4, 5.4-dia., 6.5-dia. s
Standard Proximity Sensor
E2E Series -Z

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Your Search for Proximity Sensors. Starts with the World-leading. Performance and Quality of the E
Long-barrel Inductive Proximity Sensor
E2E2 Series

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Proximity Sensor with a Long Screw Length. Increased tightening strength. Cable protectors, provid
Cable Amplifier Proximity Sensor
E2EC Series

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Subminiature Sensors with. Long-distance Detection. Shielded Sensor Heads from 3-mm to M12 diamete
Stainless Steel Sensing Surface Amplifier Proximity Sensor
E2EC-M Series/E2EC-Q Series

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Improved Durability with. Stainless Steel Sensing. Head. Models with improved spatter resistance
Proximity Sensor
E2EH Series

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Proximity Sensor Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry.
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