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MITSUBISHI Positioning module FX2N-10GM datasheetPDF datasheet
FX2N-10GM PDF. FX3G basic unit: 14/24/40/60 point. FX3GA is a compact PLC, simple design and with the basic functions of the FX3 series FX2N-10GM Through the strengthening of the built-in function an
MITSUBISHI Connection of FX2N-10GM/FX2N-20GM and peripherals
FX2N-10GM/FX2N-20GM and peripherals PDF. External connection: 2 wire. Spring clip terminal. Do not need to re tighten, suitable for wire specifications for 0.3~1.5MM square. Terminal block is 2 piece
FX2N-10GM PDF. Adapter for connecting the left extension function of the CPU module. CPU module can be connected to the left side up to 6 units. Can be used as a screw relay terminal.MITSUBISHI inver
MITSUBISHI positioning controller FX2N-10GM USER'S GUIDE
FX2N-10GM PDF FX2N-10GM PDF FX2N-10GM Analog input points: 4 points (thermocouple, PT, constant voltage input) FX2N-10GM PDF. Output points: transisstor output 4 points, 4 point CT input FX2N-10GM
MITSUBISHI Positioning Control FX2N-10GM Training Manual
FX2N-10GM PDF. Positioning control to achieve the 16 axis, the pulse train output or for the J and K type thermocouple or Pt sensor developed the temperature module. A total of 8 special function mod
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