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Stan looks on at the 2017 Hannover EMO show
Article source: (Hangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. Release time: 2017-8-2

Witten Stan Alfa redefines the high-end product line

In September 18, 2017 to 23, the Hannover EMO exhibition, Stan Witten Alfa will showcase its latest high-end series of low backlash planetary gear box and servo right angle gear box, in addition, the high-end linear optimized system will also be a major highlight of the booth.

We are waiting for you at booth 25, booth A3!

Machine tools are gear boxes, servo motors, drive systems, and linear systems that are mainly used in industry. Stan Alfa Witten Mechatronics provide cost-effective drive scheme, can also be customized to meet their machine high dynamic and high precision demand. In the upcoming 2017 Hannover EMO exhibition, Witten Stan Alfa will focus on high-end products series of gear box - upgrading and new high-end linear system.

The new gearbox offers more motor connections and lower backlash

The new high-end gear box XP+ and its expanded corner Version (XPK+ and XPC+) each have five models available, maximum speed and maximum torque are significantly improved. These type of gear box for input speed is higher, it can make the whole transmission chain is more efficient and can even choose to use smaller models, in addition to the traditional standard of backlash, adding three options: I = 8, 32 and 64.

Low backlash planetary gearbox: a new standard for modular and power density

The optimized RP+ has higher rotational speed and stronger torque - resulting in an unprecedented higher power density. Specially designed for application of high rigidity linear rack and pinion gear box series, can provide high performance unprecedented, in the high-end machine to ensure high precision and repetitive motion is very important, now more 4 new optional, also joined the bevel gear input stage version, version of bevel gear input due to the RPC+ series now, the angle gear box can also achieve the customization of RP+ precision. With the addition of RPK+, the corner series products are more perfect, and this is also a modular design.

A high-end linear system with more choices

The redesigned high-end linear system, which debuted at the show, expanded the technological advantage of planetary and corner gearboxes. The whole system is a perfect combination of gearboxes, pinions, racks, and lubrication systems, from 5 to 130 KN. All systems that have been optimized for component utilization, feed force, movement speed, and rigidity can be selected using our quick and easy rack mounting method - INIRA. For higher application requirements, you can contact our sales engineers to use cymex to further optimize the system, which applies to Mechatronics drive technology and nanoscale measurement systems for machine tools

Development of Galaxie electromechanical servo drive system, the drive of various types of sub nanometer level measurement sensor IDS3010 device and Stan Witten another subsidiary of Attocube, will present a full range of mechanical and electrical integration to the forefront of your driving technology, it reflects our motto of "Stan Witten applies to all axis applications".

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