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Welcome to visit the AMTS booth 2017 Yaskawa Shougang
Article source: Shougang Yaskawa robot Co Ltd Release time: 2017-9-1

Throughout the current Chinese industrial robot market and even the international market, the application of all walks of life can be described as various, while the automotive industry is still the main consumer market for industrial robots. The automotive industry is experiencing a new round of industrial upgrading with automation, digitalization and intelligence as its core, in which flexible and intelligent robots are the key to "lighting" the intelligent manufacturing of automobiles. As China automotive equipment the first exhibition of Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and Materials Exhibition (AMTS 2017) will be held on September 5, 2017 ---9 month 8 days, the company will bring Shougang Yaskawa robot 3 sets of the latest technology in robot system J01 Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E3 booth waiting for you here!


Tips: Yaskawa 15:00 in September 6th 15:30 in Shougang E1 hall G40 forum speech area will serve you entitled "automatic screw assembly system of Shougang Yaskawa robot speech! More summer gifts!

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