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MITSUBISHI Q173HCPU-T Programming Manual (Special Instructions) PDF

Product model: Q173HCPU-T
Name: PLC
Sort: Programming Manual (Special Instructions)
File language: English
File size: 7.81MB
Program capacity: 28 K step.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Number of input and output elements: 8192.
Processing speed: 0.034 s.
Program memory capacity: 112 KB Q173HCPU-T PDF.
Support USB and RS232.
High performance CPU plus a set of rich and powerful process control instructions.
High speed and high precision machine control by multi CPU.
By parallel processing of the linear and multi CPU high-speed communication (cycle 0 Q173HCPU-T88ms) of the parallel control program, the high speed control.
Multi CPU high speed communication cycle and motion control synchronization, so it can achieve the maximization of computing efficiency Q173HCPU-T PDF.
In addition, the latest movement control CPU in performance is 2 times the previous model,
To ensure high speed and high accuracy of the machine control.
The position signal of the first axis servo amplifier, which is used on the motion CPU, is used as a trigger,
Starting from the programmable controller CPU to the second axis servo amplifier,
Time to output speed command of servo amplifier Q173HCPU-T PDF.
This time is the index of data transmission speed between CPU.Output: 4 channels.
Input (resolution): 0~4000; -4000~4000; 0~12000; -12000~12000; -16000~16000.
Output: DC-100~20V; DC0~20mA MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Conversion speed: 80 s/1 channel.
18 point terminal station.
CCan meet the inverter control, such as high-speed conversion needs Q173HCPU-T Manual.
A variety of modules with excellent performance,
Meet the needs of various control from analog to location.
Q series module products include a variety of types of I/O, analog and positioning function module MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Can fully meet the switch, sensor, such as the input and output, temperature, weight, flow and motor, drive control,
As well as the requirements of high-precision control of the positioning of the industry, the control needs of various fields.
Can also be used in combination with the CPU module to achieve appropriate control MITSUBISHI Programming Manual.
Transformer isolation between power supply and output.
High insulation strength.
Can isolate electrical interference, such as current and noise, etc..
Standard analog input module.
Isolated analog input module.
No external isolation amplifier required.
Without the use of inter channel isolation analog modules.
Using the inter channel isolation analog module.
The possibility of expanding control with intelligent function.
Providing a variety of analog modules, is the ideal choice for process control applications Q173HCPU-T Programming Manual.
Can also meet the needs of high speed, high precision control.
Most suitable analog modules for high speed conversion control.
Can provide a variety of analog and digiital analog conversion module products Q173HCPU-T Manual.
These modules have a variety of functions, in the connection of equipment, to achieve the greatest flexibility.
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