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Name: High performance servo driver
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Large capacity servo unit.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 37KW.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Buckle: analog voltage \/ pulse sequence command type (rotary servo motor).
Design sequence: A.
Optional parts (hardware): ventilation duct installation type.
Improve the performance of large torque transmission machinery!
Vibration suppression function SGDV-260D01A003EX002.
When the driving system of the machine is vibrating, the observer is used to reduce the vibration and suppress the vibration of the device SGDV-260D01A003EX002
Friction compensation function.
Even when the load fluctuation, the gain can be suppressed without changing the position deviation.
Therefore, the overshoot can be suppressed to ensure the stability of the device SGDV-260D01A003EX002.
Feature tracking control.
Even the lower mechanical properties, but also the characteristics of the mechanical recovery,
Make the mechanical properties of the control action, thereby reducing the time to adjust the timeServo motor SGMGH type.
Rated speed: 1500r\/min.
Power: 0.85kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V SGDV-260D01A003EX002.
Serial encoder: 17 bit absolute value.
Design sequence: high precision machine tool .
Shaft end: taper 1\/10, with parallel key.
Optional parts: with oil seal.
High speed feed series: high speed running when no load.
Complete separation of the main circuit and the control circuit,
Alarm can only turn off the main circuit power supply, easy to maintain.
Parameter setting device.
The parameters can be directly entered by the servo drive body.
Saving wiring.
Using a serial encoder, encoder wiring number than the original product reduced by 1\/2.
Multi in one control: the use of the parameters of the switch can not use the torque, position, speed controlSigma -V series servo motor SGMJV.
Rated output: 0.15kw (150W).
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 20 bit absolute value (standard).
Design sequence: standard.
Shaft end: straight shaft, without keyway (standard).
Optional: no matching.
Medium inertia.
Instantaneous maximum torque (rating 350%).
Equipped with a high resolution serial encoder (13/20 bit).
Max speed up to 6000r/min.
Variety is complete (50 ~ 750W, with hold brake).
Use example:
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
Placement machine,
Punch printed circuit board,
Handling machinery,
Food processing machinery.
Rating and specifications:
Rated time: continuous.
Vibration level: V15.
Insulation resistance: DC500V, 10M, or above.
Using ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C.
Excitation modee: permanent maggnet type SGDV-260D01A003EX002.
Installation method: flange type.
Heat resistance grade: B.
Insulation withstand voltage: AC1500V 1 minutes.
Protection mode: fully enclosed self cooling type IP65 (except shaft through part).
The use of environmental humidity: 20 ~ 80% (nnot dew) SGDV-260D01A003EX002.
Connection mode: direct connection.
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (CCW) rotation at the load side under the direction of rotation.
SGDV-260D01A003EX002 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGDV-260D01A003EX002&select=5

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