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Connecting cable A0J2-C20 MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20

Name: Connecting cable
Model: A0J2-C20
Extension cable.
Length: 2000mm.

Self service (IN, OUT): SI optical cable.
Other aspects (IN, OUT): SI optical cable.
Data link anomaly Bureau bypass.
Inter agency extension. 8 slots.
Power supply unit.
QnAS series unit installation.
High speed access.
I/O points is an important indicator of PLC.
Reasonable selection of I/O points can not only satisfy the control requirements of the system,
And the total investment of the system is the lowest MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20 A0J2-C20
The input and output points and types of PLC should be determined according to the analog quantity and switch quantity of the controlled object,
Generally an input / output element to take up an input / output point.
Taking into account the future adjustment and expansion,
In general should be estimated on the total number of points plus the amount of spare 20%~30% MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20.
When the programmer input programinto the user program memory,
Then CPU according to the function of the system (the system program memory to explain the compiler),
Translate the user program into PLC internally recognized by the user to compile the program.
Relay output interface circuit of PLC
Working process: when the internal circuit output digital signal 1,
There is a current flowing through, the relay coil has a current, and then the normally open contact is closed,
Provide load current and voltage MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20.
When the internal circuit outputs a digital signal 0, there is no current flowing through it,
The relay coil does not have a current, and the normally open contact is broken off,
A current or voltage that is disconnected from the load A0J2-C20 MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20 MITSUBISHI.
It is through the output interface circuit to the internal digital circuit into a signal to make the load action or not action. Ethernet network module 10BASE5
Control layer /MELSECNET/10 (H) is the middle layer of the whole network system,
Control network which is convenient and high speed processing data transmission between PLC, CNC and other control equipment A0J2-C20 MITSUBISHI.
As MELSEC control network MELSECNET/10,
With its good real-time performance, simple network settings, no procedures of the network data shharing concept,
As well as the redundant circuit and so on, has obtained the very high market appraisal,
The number of devices to reach the highest in japan,
In the world is also one of the few A0J2-C20.
And MELSECNET/H not only inheritedd the excellent characteristics of MELSECNET/10,
Also makes the network real-time better, more data capacity,
Further adapt to the needs of the market MITSUBISHI A0J2-C20.

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