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SGD7S-180A10A002 Yaskawa SGD7S-180A10A002

Brand: Yaskawa
Name: Single axis servo driver
Model: SGD7S-180A10A002
Servo driver SGD7S.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 2.0kW.
Voltage: three phase AC200V.
Interface: MECHATROLINK-II communication command type.
Design sequence: A.
Hardware options: paint.
Performance excellence.
The performance and speed of the device can be improved.
Upgrade free adjustment function.
Without adjusting the operation, no vibration can be achieved.
To ensure that the procedures and parameters of the previous product compatibility.
After replacement of the product, can easily improve the performance of the device.
Sigma -7 series has rich models and related products.
Customers can easily build the system.
From selection to maintenance, rich service content.
Especially when the servo system is in trouble,
Can immediately grasp the product information in the field.
It is helpful to the servo performance of ultra high speed and ultra precision control.
Maximize the performance of the device, to solve the problem

Equipped with DeviceNet communication function type servo unit (servo controlled power supply drive type)
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 1.0kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Interface: instruction selection and installation (linear servo motor).
Matching (hardware): paint.
Matching (software): standard Yaskawa SGD7S-180A10A002.
Matching (parameter): standard.
Optional modules: DeviceNet module (servo control power driver) + full closed loop module SGD7S-180A10A002
Communication specifications for DeviceNet based on open field network.
The combination of the DeviceNet controller and the V can be used to implement motion control in a simple way.
Can make use of the city''s rich DeviceNet support software.
Can use the upper controller to manage the servo information Yaskawa SGD7S-180A10A002.
Through the network from the host controller to monitor the running status of the servo drive, alarm information.
Using the upper controller to manage the servo information, which can improve the maintenance (shorten the debugging time, improve the efficiency of maintenance operations).
Save wiring, reduce the cost and improve the reliability.
Because the upper controller and the servo unit are connected through the communication network, the connection is greatly saved Yaskawa SGD7S-180A10A002.
Built in rich positioning function.
Can be from the upper controller (PLC or computer) to carry out a variety of simple positioning action.
Equipped with simple positioning, continuous rotation, and return to the origin of continuous rotary motion positioning, running and other rich positioning function.Low inertia, high speed servo motor type SGM7A (rated speed 3000r\/min).
Rated output: 3.0kw.
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 24 bit absolute value type.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw.
Optional parts: no purchase pieces.
Small (about 80% in the past).
Equipped with high-resolution 24bit encoder (16 millioon 770 thousand \/rev pulse) SGD7S-180A10A002.
The maximum torque of 350% (small capacity).
Hope to shorten the working cycle.
Want to improve positioning accuracy.
Increase speed after shaking.
Whether there is no workpiece, action is not stable.
IIt is helpful to the servo performance of ultra high speed and ultra precision control SGD7S-180A10A002. most
To limit the performance of the device to solve the problem

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