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Competition upgrades WAL-MART bans partners using Amazon cloud services
Article source: China industrial control network Release time: 2017-6-23


The Wall Street Journal reported today that WAL-MART has issued an ultimatum to some technology company partners, asking them not to use Amazon's cloud services. Obviously, this is WAL-MART for the acquisition of U.S. Amazon wfmi (Whole Foods Market) made a counterattack. Amazon announced on Friday, will be $13 billion 700 million acquisition of wfmi. The move will allow Amazon to obtain more than 460 whole foods in the United States, Canada and the UK chain stores.

In response, WAL-MART has responded by informing some partners and vendors that their software services are not allowed to use Amazon cloud services.

According to the data warehousing service provider Snowflake Computing CEO Bob Muglia (Bob Muglia), a data storage service partner program using WAL-MART Snowflake Computing, but was told to switch to WAL-MART, Microsoft Azure cloud services, because Snowflake Computing is using the Amazon cloud services.

Currently, Amazon's cloud platform is in a leading position in the industry, many enterprises, and even competitors are using Amazon's cloud services, such as streaming video service provider Netflix.

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