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High performance servo driver SGDV-260D21A003EX002 Yaskawa SGDV-260D21A003EX002

Brand: Yaskawa
Name: High performance servo driver
Model: SGDV-260D21A003EX002
High performance, use the best type of servo unit (high performance).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 7.5kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Design sequence: A.
Hardware specifications: shelf installation type + paint.
Interface: MECHATROLINK-III communication command type (rotary servo motor).
Function: no deviation standard.
High performance sigma shaped -V-EX series.
2 models of high performance servo unit.
EX001 (support M- III high speed communication): the communication cycle is the minimum value of 125 s, which makes the response of the instruction becomes faster, and the track accuracy and processing ability are improved.
EX002 (no deviation of the specification): greatly improve the command tracking performance, and further improve the accuracy of trajectory control.

Large capacity SGMVV type servo motor.
Rated output: 22KW.
Voltage: three phase AC400V.
Serial encoder: 20 bit absolute value type.
Rated speed: 800r/min.
The main mechanical structure: support mounting type, straight shaft (no keyway and screw).
Optional parts: do not buy pieces.
The use of small, low inertia servo motor, also can give full play to the strength of the mechanical properties Yaskawa SGDV-260D21A003EX002 SGDV-260D21A003EX002
The new model SGMVV with a rated output of 22~55KW, the amount of passenger speed 800r/min and 1500r/min products.
After the motor is installed, the phase is started to run immediately.
Even if the servo is not adjusted, as long as the moment of inertia is within the allowable range,
Even if the load changes, it can be driven stably, and the vibration will not happen Yaskawa SGDV-260D21A003EX002.

No speed reducer in inertia, large torque servo motor type SGM7G (rated speed 1500r\/min).
Rated output: 11kw.
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 24 bit absolute value type.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw.
Optional parts: with hold brake (DC24V).
Yaskawa servo motor, also known as YASKAWA Yaskawa servo motor,
Origin of Japan, in Shenyang, China, Jiading, Shanghai also has a factory,
Is to make the position of the object, the position, the state and other output controlled,
Automatic control system capable of following an arbitrary change of an input target value (or a given value) Yaskawa SGDV-260D21A003EX002 SGDV-260D21A003EX002 Yaskawa.
It is divided into AC servo motor and DC servo motor,
In the domestic semiconductor, liquid crystal manufacturing devices, electronic components packaging equipment, machine tools and general machinery has been widely used in SGDV-260D21A003EX002 Yaskawa.
As a leading enterprise for the first time Yaskawa servo drive, put forward the concept of "mechatronics",
Now has become a universal termServo motor type SGMPH (speed: 3000r/min) SGDV-260D21A003EX002 Yaskawa.
Power: 0.2kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 13 bit relative value.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: straight shaft with screw key.
Optional parts: with oil seal.
Partial flat series: the need to install the servo motor in a small space.
Flexible user system.
For you to build the best system to enrich the product line to support you.
Products with single phase 200V, single phase 100V, three-phase 200V,
And for tthe absolute value encoder, a variety of motor with brake, belt speed reducer SGDV-260D21A003EX002.
And then, because of its compliance with international standards, in the world can be assured that the use of.
Smooth running, there is a verry seasonal rate of observation and control,
The speed fluctuation of the motor is greatly reduced, and the speed of the motor can be smoothly operated Yaskawa SGDV-260D21A003EX002.

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