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Application of Yaskawa inverter winch frequency control in mine hoist
Article source: 网络 Release time: 2017-5-24

The use of Yaskawa inverter can make the lifting motor control and braking performance of mine hoist, can make the work on a stable, safe and reliable operation, avoid serious mechanical wear, and prevent the current large mechanical impact, reducing the mechanical part of the maintenance workload, prolong the service life of the lifting machinery, improve work safety the efficiency of the whole system and at the same time, also has the advantages of simple operation and maintenance etc..


Key points in application:

1 、 soft start, low speed, high starting torque

2 、 DC brake (electric brake)

3 、 local / remote control free switching

4 、 self-learning function, open-loop vector control

5 、 stop stop function in starting, stopping and running


Advantages in use:

1, reduce the starting impulse current, smooth soft, protect the motor and improve the power factor of the grid

2, select the open loop vector control mode, the use of self-learning mode can effectively obtain the motor parameters, real-time detection of external inverter load changes, and the size of the output current to synchronous adjustment, ensure that the actual load torque required to support dynamic.

3, within the full range of speed regulation, while the output torque is constant

4, through the external analog signal (0-10V, 4-20mA) to achieve the system's stepless speed regulation

5 、 rich multi-function output port, effectively combined with the external control loop control


Reasons for use:

Low speed high torque output function 1, Yaskawa inverter characteristic: open loop 150%/0.5Hz, closed loop 200%/0Hz

2 、 with overload capacity of 150%/1min

3 、 constant torque control, the signal response is good, high accuracy

4, there are good countermeasures for the change of load weight and acceleration

5, the user can customize the output signal, and the outer control loop combination (brake signal)



1, the system can provide stable output torque at low speed

2. Continuous operation with high reliability

3 、 good motor control

4 、 flexibility to adapt to changes in load

5 、 rich protection and alarm function



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